But What About Westchester?


Here’s something funny about soon-to-be state Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith’s peculiar remarks about not planning to pick up any seats from the Republicans this year: they came just one day after he and others campaigned in Westchester with state Senate candidate Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

She is hoping, I can only assume, that Smith was just kidding.

Update: Here are Smith’s remarks:

Senator Paterson put us on the right course. You should make no bones about it. We had a three-point plan. ’04, we wanted three seats. David got it. ’06, we want to hold what we have and you want to improve the seats in ’06. David’s going to get it. And in ’08, the mandate is the majority, and this senator, Malcolm Smith, is going to make sure that happens to complete David Paterson’s legacy.

— Azi Paybarah

But What About Westchester?