Cuomo Hires

Greg Krakower, Mark Green’s policy director is now working as a policy adviser for…Andrew Cuomo.

One cornerstone of Green’s policy was the state attorney general’s lawsuit against HUD over federal pesticide laws. The lawsuit included the years Cuomo led the agency, which prompted Green to ask Cuomo the best question of the race. “Your website said you’d continue the lawsuit if you were attorney general. Does that mean you’d be suing yourself as plaintiff and defendant?”

I’m sure Jeanine Pirro‘s team must have thought about hiring the man who did opposition research, I mean policy work, against Cuomo. This would explain Cuomo’s motivation in picking up another policy adviser. But lets give some credit to the person who first suggested hiring Krakower after the Green campaign ended:

“[Greg] did a great job at finding so much on Cuomo. Cuomo would be smart to offer him a job to see what more there is. It would also be smart for Pirro to offer him a job.”

UPDATE: Evan Thies, who was the press guy for David Yassky’s unsuccessful congressional campaign, is also a new member of Team Cuomo. Anybody they haven’t hired?

— Azi Paybarah

Cuomo Hires