Debating a Sex Scandal

A reader more familiar with Alan Hevesi and Melinda Katz said today’s Page Six story about their alleged affair is “complete bullshit.”

Here are some reasons why:

“When Alan became City Comptroller [in 1992], there was a Special Election to replace him in State Assembly. Queens Dems picked District Leader Michael Cohen. Katz ran as Liberal Party candidate in Special Election with Alan’s strong support. She won.”

The affair rumors flow from the question of why Hevesi would support anybody against the machine-backed candidate.

The item also quotes people saying they’ve seen the two of them publicly making out, which is sort of suspect for obvious reasons.

“The fact that they’ve been seen in public together [smooching] is complete bullshit. That would have been noticed before now.”

And of course is the obvious observation: People who are screwing around together don’t do it in public.” Okay, maybe sometimes.

— Azi Paybarah

Debating a Sex Scandal