Don't Scoff at Knots Tied By City Hall

TEDDY: Many people scoff at the prospect of two lovers eloping to a place like Atlantic City to exchange matrimonial vows–and that’s fine–but the truth is, these same killjoys probably wouldn’t be too keen on signing a few documents at City Hall and calling it a wedding either. Sadly, it seems like killjoys are everywhere these days, because a City Hall marriage just isn’t good enough anymore.

Most people have a pretty clear vision of the idyllic wedding: Outside, overlooking a beach. Canoeing down the aisle on the lake of your childhood summer camp. Hawaii.

All I need is a judge, a municipal court and a few witnesses.

And can you really blame me? Nothing says marriage like City Hall. In fact, nothing says marriage except City Hall, because without the consent of the courts, the knot can be undone as easily as The BlackWall Hitch. And according to the Boy Scouts of America, the Blackwall Hitch is a knot that “human life should never be trusted to.”

The knots tied by City Hall are as taut as The Cat’s Paw . The City Hall wedding lets two lovers proclaim their love for one another in a manner that is official and dignified. The verdict’s in…We’re in love!

Don't Scoff at Knots Tied By City Hall