Elsewhere: Bloomberg and Lieberman


Glenn Thrush clarifies a sensational story about Barack Obama replacing Hillary Clinton as the top provider of campaign cash to fellow Democrats. (By the most objective measure, she’s still number one.)

Errol Cockfield notes the irony in Alan Hevesi’s claim that Chris Callaghan is unqualified to be state comptroller.

“Sure, [Hevesi] helped craft and voted on state budgets, but his resume didn’t feature any work in the trenches as a financial officer.”

Alan Hevesi spoke to the Times Union editorial board, and said, “I could lose this election.” On the possible impeachment by the state Senate, Hevesi also said, “I will go before the Senate and just make my case.” [added]

Tom Schaller offers a sneak preview of his column in tomorrow’s Times about the midterm elections.

The next MTA Chairman could be Elliot Lee Sander.

Empire Zone has more info about Cuomo’s late money, and notes some of it comes from Mark Green’s brother.

Chuck Schumer will vote for Alan Hevesi, but not endorse him.

The Journal News offers a pretty neat election guide.

The country’s most competitive races are now featured in a March Madness-type layout. Good luck.

Rock Hackshaw wants Chris Owens to run for City Council.

Political Wire gets inside Dick Chenney’s mind and explains why he said Hillary Clinton could win in 2008.

The 9/11-conspiracy coffee shop in Brooklyn wants to go nationwide.

And pictured above is Mike Bloomberg with Joe Lieberman.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Bloomberg and Lieberman