Elsewhere: Esquire, Shelly Silver


Ben follows Hillary’s cross-wearing habits.

Kirsten Gillibrand tries making a strip club an issue in her race against John Sweeney.

Rudy’s blogger thinks Hotline is cheerleading for John McCain.

New York Magazine notes that Esquire withdrew its endorsement of Tom Reynolds because of his weird press conference where he used kids as a human shield. The other Esquire endorsements are here

John DeSio wonders who posted this ad looking for a “fearless investigative reporter” on Craigslist.

Mike Bloomberg gave $143.9 million to charities last year.

Barry Popik wonders why the mayor hasn’t held a fund-raiser for Chris Callaghan.

Shelly Silver parks himself on the couch and opens up to City Hall News.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Esquire, Shelly Silver