Elsewhere: Foley, Pirro, Smith

Mayor Bloomberg proves New York is .9% bigger, and secures $23 million from the federal government.

Ben disagrees with Pat Healy’s take on whether Jeanine Pirro can effectively play the victim in her scandal.

Urban Elephants and Chris Callaghan are hosting a limerick contest.

Queens Senator Malcolm Smith will make his soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader position official at a press conference in Harlem on Thursday.

Mark Foley once interrupted a vote on the House floor to have internet sex with a high school student.

The Washington Times, home of all things conservative, wants House Speaker Hastert gone.

The anti-Vito Fossella blog goes nuts over a contribution from Mark Foley.

And above is the newest ad from Jim Webb, who Hillary Clinton campaigned with today.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Foley, Pirro, Smith