Elsewhere: Hevesi, Obama

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Alan Hevesi said he chose public service instead of work in the private sector after losing the mayor’s race in 2001.

“I was offered the presidency of a real estate company that had a starting salary of $500,000; [and] five percent of the company. I would be a multi-millionaire now. That’s not my thing. That’s not what I’m looking to do. I wanted to stay in public service. It’s a great way to make a living. And so, I became the state comptroller. “

George Pataki’s chief of staff, along with Joe Bruno, gave Christopher Callaghan some advice this morning.

The guy challenging Peter King on Long Island, David Mejias, is being watched.

Ben has information about one behind-the-scenes man in the Alan Hevesi scandal: Robert Brackman.

On Room 8, Ken Fisher says “Hevesi had only followed the Pataki model,” for chauffeuring spouses.

Empire Zone outlined their comment policy yesterday, saying, “Strong opinions and criticism of our work are fine, but abusive language and personal attacks are not. So don’t bother with that rant against a reporter. It won’t be posted.”

Liza Sabater says she’s not shrill.

Karol parties with a Republican state Senate candidate.

The Republicans have left Ohio.

Time Magazine worries about Barack Obama. “The argument could be made that Obama’s deliberative intelligence is precisely what the world needs to deal with threats like these. But I worry that Obama could be the next Jimmy Carter…”

In the world of meta-journalism, Early and Often “endorses the Daily News endorsement of Alan Hevesi. It was shorter, clearer, mentioned sharks, and made the gutsier choice against the political grain.”

And pictured above is Bill Clinton at his wife’s 59th birthday party yesterday.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Hevesi, Obama