Elsewhere: Hevesi


Writing about the other scandal of the day, Blair Horner thinks the indictment of labor-leader and Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin “should be an indictment of Albany’s political culture. A culture that is far more interested in maintaining a clearly ethically challenged status quo than working for change.”

George Pataki is going to Harvard. For a speech.

In the exciting world of federal interest rates…nothing changed.

Grand Army Plaza gets some changes that should make pedestrians happy.

Alan Hevesi will be greeted by the Young Republicans outside the NY1 studios, and from every reporter in New York.

Ben notices an interesting headline swap after the same-sex/gay marriage ruling.

A reader emails to report that Charles Barron gave Jimmy Oddo an ovation because Oddo, the Republican minority leader on the council, criticized Rush Limbaugh.

And above is Alan Hevesi in happier times.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Hevesi