Elsewhere: Hillary, Hevesi, Maurice Gumbs


Hillary Clinton has a way with donors. She just reported raising $3,844,930 in the third quarter.

Rudy’s may have a Kerik problem.

And yet… This AOL poll of 2008 Republican nominees shows Rudy beating McCain.

Alan Hevesi lectures to students at Cornell about corruption and scandal, while Urban Elephants opens the Hevesi Halloween Shop.

Peter King touts a new port security major as a “tremendous accomplishment for homeland security.”

Getting released later today is a poll showing Democrats gaining ground in several house seats.

Maurice Gumbs says good-bye to blogging about Brooklyn politics.

And pictured above is lawyer Lynne Stewart, who got sentenced to 28 months in jail today.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Hillary, Hevesi, Maurice Gumbs