Elsewhere: Hillary, Hevesi


Hillary Clinton, in case you weren’t sure, is headed for re-election and has some new ads here.

Nick Spano and George Bush share a website, which must make Andrea Stewart-Cousins pretty happy.

Ben has details of a private meeting in Brooklyn where elected officials gave the governor-to-be a wish list.

Liz notes that Rudy Giuliani hired two guys who used to work for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Fun with headlines! The Courant goes with “Kerry Praises Lamont, Kerrey Backs Lieberman.”

Joseph Mercurio looks into the future.

Another person jumps into the 2008 pool.

Gotham Gazette highlights a Michael Daly column about a shockingly ironic Alan Hevesi audit.

Early and Often says that Hevesi’s performance at the debate was like “King Lear with a calculator.”

And pictured above is Hillary, who said at the Queens County Democratic dinner last night, “We need to get back to Clinton economic policies in Washington again and start growing the economy and bringing jobs here and not sending them overseas.”

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Hillary, Hevesi