Elsewhere: Hillary's Mom, Hevesi's Wife

A terror plot in the UK is foiled. I suspect a new talking point for the Republicans begins shortly.

Hillary Clinton’s 87-year-old mother moves in with her and Bill.

George Pataki makes fun of himself. Finally. [link fixed]

Information about the assets of members of congress are now available on-line.

John Mollenkopf figured out what happened in the Brooklyn 11th congressional race.

One veteran of that race, Chris Owens, sent out a press release today about North Korea. Which doesn’t impress Follow the Leader.

My old publisher reflects on Alan Hevesi’s personal and public life.

It was during the walk in the hallway of LIJ with Alan that I first found out that Carol was in constant pain from a chronic back ailment. It was then that I first saw Alan seriously distressed about the condition of his wife.

Barry Popik vents about the selection process to get on a Manhattan community board.

It was an insult to treat me like this…who asks a Jewish person to show up immediately on Friday or Saturday?

And above is the Ned Lamont ad featuring Joe Lieberman.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Hillary's Mom, Hevesi's Wife