Elsewhere: Marshall's Shades

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Vito Fossella has 1,558 friends on his MySpace page, and some of them are, uh, not conservative.

Andrew Sullivan detects hypocrisy in the Republican contention that rebuking Mark Foley would have made them look homophobic.
“They don’t seem too worried about appearing homophobic when it comes to winning elections, do they?”

Ben says that the Empire State Pride Agenda dinner last night was a slap at Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and other electeds who aren’t as progressive on gay marriage as the group would like. ESPA disagrees.

The reader who found Sheldon Silver’s impersonation of Robert DeNiro on YouTube.com has found another online gem.

NARAL goes both ways in the state senate race in Westchester.

Daily Gotham is under attack from porn pushers and may require people to register with the site before being allowed to post comments.

John Liu gets ignored by the MTA.

Tom Kean, Jr. says Dennis Hastert should resign.

Massachusetts may make their elections more like the kind in New York.

Tom Hayden is in town to talk about the Chicago 8 and, I’m prepared to guess, the war in Iraq.

And pictured above is Queens Borough President Helen Marshall at a City Hall press conference.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Marshall's Shades