Elsewhere: Murdoch, Moynihan, Pataki

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Writing in the comments section on Urban Elephants, Forgotten Man wonders, “Is Eliot Spitzer that good or are Republicans that bad?”

Ben has some deep thoughts relating Rupert Murdoch, and sees proof that Bloomberg 2008 is getting more serious.

In the state’s most hotly contest legislative race, Empire State Pride Agenda endorsed Republican state Senator Nick Spano over Democratic challenger Andrea-Stewart Cousins. But Liz notes that both “declined to answer a question about the organization’s top litmus test – support for legalizing gay marriage.”

NY13 blogger notes that the head of the British Army agrees with Rep. Vito Fossella’s opponent on Iraq.

The Real Estate follows the latest lack of development with Moynihan Station plans.

The state’s horse-racing franchise seeks a bailout from Albany.

Gawker sheds light on the dangers of the gossip trade.

Bill Frist defends Dennis Hastert, and tries raising money for him.

More weird emails from Mark Foley get published. “Have I done something to offend the White House … I am always getting the shaft.”

And here’s the new book (pictured above) on George Pataki by unhappy conservative George Marlin.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Murdoch, Moynihan, Pataki