Elsewhere: The Trees, Email

The Times Union wins a lawsuit against Joe Bruno and Sheldon Silver over hiding information about member items.

Early and Often takes a close look at the aesthetic evolution of Hillary Clinton and John Spencer.

The Empire Zone says that Eliot Spitzer is creeping away from Alan Hevesi.

Rudy Giuliani will spend election night in Iowa.

Max Shreck thinks Hillary Clinton came off more human after this latest John Spencer flap.

Bill Clinton will campaign in Babylon, Long Island, where he hasn’t been since 1991.

Mike Bloomberg hones his independence message. So does John McCain.

Dick Morris and Sean Hannity agree: Republicans are smarter than, um, everyone.

Some people in San Francisco hate trees.

Wyoming had a debate worth watching.

And above is Adam Green, who enjoys reading your emails.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: The Trees, Email