Elsewhere: Wolf


National Journal bumps up Tom Reynold’s re-election race from the 17th most competitive to the 11th. Which is to say it’s not good news for him.

Mike Bloomberg is going to fly to Chicago for Joe Lieberman.

The GOP candidate for Senate in Connecticut is talking tough about Joe Lieberman, which makes Ned Lamont happy.

The Brennan Center’s blog asks, “Are you represented by a Senate Democrat or Assembly Republican? If so, the portion of your taxes that goes to run the Legislature is going into some other district’s pocket.”

The Colbert Report becomes ‘Must Not Do TV.’

Andrew Cuomo gets an endorsement.

Jerry Skurnik looks at the primary election results, election district by election district.

And pictured above is the scariest mailing of the year.

— Azi Paybarah Elsewhere: Wolf