Hevesi and Fossella

At an event yesterday at which Christopher Callaghan was endorsed by Staten Island Republicans, most of the officials focused on Callaghan’s discovery of Alan Hevesi’s chauffeur scandal.

Most of them.

When Rep. Vito Fossella endorsed Chris Callaghan, the congressman, who a few months ago was found to have misused campaign funds on ski trips for his family, made no mention of Hevesi or the scandal that is ostensibly giving Callaghan a fighting chance on Election Night.

When I asked Fossella afterwards if he, like most of the speakers there, thought that Hevesi should be removed, he said, “I think the purpose here is to say Chris Callaghan will bring a much-needed dose of good government. From what I’ve seen, I’m hard pressed to see how he can stick around.”

Later, I asked Fossella if his own situation had been at all similar to Hevesi’s.

Fossella: “No.”

Me: What’s the difference?

Fossella: “We complied with all the letters of the law and we’re fine with it.”

The Chairman of the Brooklyn Republican organization, who had said that anybody who did what Hevesi did should be led out in “handcuffs and chains,” said he had never heard of Fossella’s transgression. (And didn’t he didn’t seem too interested in the details when I spoke to him.)

— Azi Paybarah

Hevesi and Fossella