Hevesi and the Senate

Here’s something I missed when discussing possible replacement scenarios for Alan Hevesi.

A spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno reminded me that the governor can call for the removal of a statewide official. If that happens, the matter is referred to the Senate where, basically, a trial is held among the 62 senators. If 2/3 of the Senate agrees, the person is removed from office. Then, both houses of the legislature come together to vote on a replacement.

The good news for Hevesi is that Republicans only have 34 seats in the Senate, well short of the 2/3 vote theoretically required to remove him. And even more importantly, Bruno’s spokesperson, Lisa Black, said Hevesi has worked well with the senate, making the possibility of this hypothetical scenario that much more remote. And of course so far, neither the current governor nor the man about to replace him have shown any indication of wanting to get any more involved than they have to.

But there it is.

— Azi Paybarah

Hevesi and the Senate