Hillary Means Money

When liberals want to raise lots of money, they call on Hillary Clinton. When conservatives want to raise lots of money, they call on…

Hillary Clinton.

In an email to readers today, the conservative weekly Human Events claimed Hillary is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy against Senator George Allen of Virginia.

“Just last week, New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton came to Virginia to endorse and raise money for Webb at an upscale French restaurant. Two days later, she sent $1 million to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the DSCC immediately turned around and bought $1 million in vicious attacks ads against Senator Allen.”</p?

After that claim, HE makes its pitch.

“We need to respond to these unprecedented negative attacks and we need your support to do so.”

Which makes me wonder if Hillary can still be as effective a fund-raising tool for Republicans if she decides not to run in 2008. Is there any other Democrat who can fill that role for Republicans?

— Azi Paybarah

Hillary Means Money