I'm First Bride in Country to Wear This Particular Dress

ERICA: I had my final fitting at Carolina Herrera today and I feel like I’m still floating on a cloud.

My dress is just so fab and dreamy. It’s PURR-fect.

And somehow when I was there last week, I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I was out running errands and snuck in a dress fitting between returning an old pair of Spanx to Bloomingdales and meeting a friend for lunch. I was hot and harried and trying on a wedding dress was just about the last thing on earth I felt like doing. I had managed to remember to bring my shoes and underthings, but I forgot to put in my contacts. So there I was, standing there all hot and bothered in my chunky eyeglasses and this pretty pink dress. I looked ridiculous.

Then I found out that I’m the first bride in the country to be wearing this particular Carolina Herrera dress. At first I thought, “wow…cool,” and then I started on an internal extended dance re-mix version of this sob story in my head that went something like this:

“Of course you are the only person in the country to be wearing this dress…because everyone else hates it! What were you thinking!? This was the worst idea ever!”

And then today I went back. And I had my lovely freshwater pearl drop earrings. And a better pair of Spanx. And I remembered to put in my contacts and even put on some lipstick. The dress fit like a glove and it was really the most exquisite thing I had ever seen. So now I’m back to thinking its pretty darn cool that I’m the first bride to wear this dress. And I even got a little teary eyed when I realized that the next time I will have it on will be the day of my wedding.

Cue violins.

I'm First Bride in Country to  Wear This Particular Dress