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Choire Sicha writes about Jeanine Pirro’s campaign of aggressive victimhood and how it has excited the press, if not any actual voters.

Rebecca Dana got a hug from Roger Ailes, who told her that receiving a journalism award is ground for termination at Fox.

Azi reports on the eerily quiet comptroller campaign and Alan Hevesi’s encounter with Chris Callaghan on the LIE.

Joe Conason discusses the House leadership’s cover-up of the Mark Foley scandal, and Chris Lehmann says it means the end of the GOP’s ability to use the moral clarity argument.

Richard Brookhiser says that ethics may cost Republicans the House but keep them in control of the Senate.

Steve Kornacki writes about Chuck Schumer and New Jersey not getting along so well.

And Niall Stanage reports on the inscrutable man poised to replace Kofi Annan at the UN.

— Josh Benson

In Today's Observer