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Jason Horowitz talks to Rudy Giuliani on the road and finds him encouraged, 2008-wise, by polls and crowd reaction. Horowitz also catches America’s Mayor motivating the audience at a (mostly) private Republican fund-raiser with scary stories about Nancy Pelosi.

Choire Sicha watches Hillary Clinton mingling with fancy-pants Connecticut donors and marching with statewide candidates on Columbus Day. He also went along on her trip with Eliot Spitzer to Long Island, where television cameras achieved a remarkable strobe effect by lighting up whenever she talked and going dark whenever Spitzer did.

Suzy Hansen reports on an academic-fueled media storm over NYU historian Tony Judt, who says that Jewish groups are interfering with his right to talk about Israel. Leon Wieseltier, among others, disagrees strongly.

Joe Conason says that Kim Jong Il’s nukes are a product of the president’s foreign policy failings.

Niall Stanage observes leaders in the New York Irish community congratulating themselves on the end of an era.

And this week, bonus Horowitz: he writes about the prosecutorial appetites of New Jersey’s U.S. Attorney.

— Josh Benson

In Today's Observer