Lamont's Woes

First, Ned Lamont is falling behind Joe Lieberman in fund-raising. Lamont has $330,000 on hand, compared to Lieberman’s $4.7 million.

And now, Arianna Huffington is writing a theoretical obituary for him, blaming the consultants Lamont brought on board for dulling down a once-exciting campaign.

“The addition to the Lamont campaign after the primary of Democratic insiders Howard Wolfson, Doug Schoen, and Stephanie Cutter has been part of the problem. According to their poll-driven culture, one must move to the center and appeal to those in the middle. And, as a result, once-promising politicians are insidiously encouraged to lose their moral bearing — and the authenticity that made them so compelling in the first place.”

I’m not sure Arianna Huffington defines “compelling” in the same way as the average Connecticut general election voter. But still, it’s surely not good news for such a prominent Lamont sympathizer to be engaging in recrminations — even hypothetical ones — three weeks before the election.

— Azi Paybarah

Lamont's Woes