Bocly Bust

To the Editor:

It’s sad, really, that the editors of The Observer thought the ditzy, disrespectful and lazy Charlotte Bocly worthy of all the column space they gave her story [“I Am Charlotte Bocly,” George Gurley, Oct. 23]. The overriding feeling I experienced after reading her profile was dismay.

Tayt Harlin


Spoiler Alert!

To the Editor:

I am going to give Rex Reed the benefit of the doubt and assume that he didn’t know that his review of The Prestige would appear several days before the film opened [“Strange Magic,” On the Town, Oct. 23]. Nevertheless, describing the questions that he and others critics had after viewing a film that relies on certain plot twists and turns being kept secret was a dirty trick, and definitely not very sporting of him. It’s akin to heading a review of Citizen Kane with “Rosebud: The Name of the Sled!”

Shame on you.

Teresa Dippery

East Palo Alto, Calif.

Mendacity, Duplicity and Hypocrisy—Oh, My!

To the Editor:

Three little words—mendacity, duplicity and hypocrisy—neatly sum up the reign of George W. Bush and the Rabid Right. Joe Conason provides a concise reflection on the absurd performance of Dennis Hastert in the wake of Mark Foley’s repugnant shenanigans [“The Gang That Couldn’t Talk Straight,” Oct. 9]. Sinking fast in the scandalous muck of his party’s deepening pool of corruption, the panicked Hastert added an extra dash of grim hilarity by seeking solace in the arms of that pill-poppin’ paragon of family values, Rush Limbaugh. The Foley fiasco is only the latest in a lengthy laundry list of Republican crimes. And good Americans are understandably outraged. It’s just too bad that our fellow citizens aren’t even more chagrined by the wanton death and destruction sparked by the arrogant neocon nincompoops who have run roughshod and reckless over our nation and other parts of the world for too many years.

Joe Martin

Seattle Letters