Louisa Halpern Vranesich

July 7, 2006

10 p.m.

7 pounds

N.Y.U. Hospital

String-beanie baby! At 26 inches, with an auburn mullet and chipmunk cheeks, not-so-little Louisa takes after her father, Dan Vranesich, 43, a 6-foot-6 film technician. Mom is Jennifer Halpern, 39, an interior designer. Childbirth occurred the day after the couple’s four-year anniversary, and Ms. Halpern is still reeling a bit. “I didn’t realize what a toll it would have on my body,” she said. “I recognize the fact that if I were 10 years younger, it would all snap back fairly quickly.” But it was worth it to see the elation on their daughter’s face—“She started smiling at two weeks,” Ms. Halpern bragged—especially when she’s tossed into the air in an “up elevator, down elevator” game. The family lives in a walk-up two-bedroom in Carroll Gardens.

Louisa Halpern Vranesich