Machiavelli’s Question for 2009

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Certainly, there would no shortage of motivation for Bill Thompson's prospective opponents in the 2009 mayor's race to push Thompson's name as a replacement for Alan Hevesi, the state comptroller whose standing within the party looks less and less secure every day.

Even people without a motive, like the former state comptroller, Carl McCall, are pushing Thompson’s name. McCall told me last week Thompson was the “only” name he’s heard as a possible replacement to Hevesi.

But commenter Nicolo Machiavelli had this counter-intuitive take on Thompson’s possible departure to Albany.

“Ironically, Hevesi’s problems may hurt Anthony [Weiner]’s chances against Bill. What if Hevesi resigns, Thompson get appointed, and spends the next years quietly lobbying the important players from a powerful money-wielding perch in the Controller’s Office? Just asking.”

— Azi Paybarah

Machiavelli’s Question for 2009