Money for Nothing

Here are the latest fundraising numbers from the invincible Spitzer-Paterson campaign from September 19 through October 2:

$693,000 raised
$700,000 spent
$8.6 million on hand

Andrew Cuomo, who hasn’t had much to do lately but sit back and watch Jeanine Pirro, raised even more, according to numbers released by his campaign:

$1.1 million raised
$2.4 million on hand

Pirro raised about $1.6 million since mid-July, and has $1.26 million on hand, according to Liz Benjamin, who has more figures here. [This post has been corrected to reflect Pirro’s real numbers. The ones I represented the amount of money the campaign raised just since the wire-tap scandal broke. Apologies.]

UPDATE: John Faso’s spokeswoman just called with their latest finance numbers:

$952,519.14 raised
$1,405,010 spent
$972,256.66 on hand

— Azi Paybarah

Money for Nothing