More Unions for Hevesi

Even as Alan Hevesi is abandoned by many of his colleagues in the closing stage of the campaign, unions are rallying to save him.

The latest: the state AFL-CIO.

In a statement, Denis Hughes said, “The New York State AFL-CIO is mindful of the legal proceedings currently underway and understands that the process must play out before a resolution to this matter is reached.

“However, while there is much that we do not yet know, what we do know is that as Comptroller, and throughout his 35 years of public service, Alan Hevesi has been recognized as a national leader in the fight to restore and strengthen the role of defined-benefit pensions so that all workers can access a secure retirement.”

So he’s still got some institutional support after all.

— Azi Paybarah

More Unions for Hevesi