Mystery Solved! Park Slope, Please Meet Mr. Bell

The hunt for the buyer is on

Yesterday, Brownstoner broke the exhilarating news that the 31-foot beauty at 45 Montgomery Place had been sold for more than $6 million. (Oval rooms! Fireplaces! It’s all there.)

According to the website, $6m would be the highest price ever paid for a 1-family townhouse in Park Slope. New Yorkers everywhere asked: who is the lucky, oval-loving owner?

According to our calculations (i.e. according to city records), that would be Gregory Bell, who bought the place for a clean $6,050,000.

But is it the mathematician Greg Bell, who studied the Asymptotic Dimension of Groups? Or is it TV’s Gregory Bell? (He played Shakespeare in Dennis Hopper’s “Witch Hunt.”) Or is it NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Defense Investment, Mr. Robert Gregory Bell?

Probably the actor, no?

Max Abelson

Mystery Solved! Park Slope, Please Meet Mr. Bell