New Jersey Knows from Negative

This kind of makes the Pirro wire-tapping stuff look quaint.

It’s a new attack ad from Senate candidate Tom Kean Jr., which will start playing in the New York media market tomorrow and is viewable here. It features a taped conversation that has been much discussed in the Jersey press in which an associate of Bob Menendez — the Democratic incumbent whose name has recently come up in connection with a federal criminal investigation — pressures a doctor to hire an Menendez ally or run the risk of losing government contracts.

Here’s the script.

“Listen carefully to Bob Menendez’s top lieutenant pressuring a doctor in a Menendez kick-back scheme.

‘The only reason I stuck my nose in this Ruiz thing is because Menendez asked me to do it…to do it. There’s gotta be a condition to it…condition to it. It makes sense for you because it gives you protection…protection. Menendez asked me to do it.’

–Jason Horowitz

New Jersey Knows from Negative