New York County

A couple of interesting bits from the official results of the Democratic primary elections in Manhattan:

Eliot Spitzer was the top vote-getter, with 105,161 votes in New York County. That’s slightly more than Hillary Clinton, who got 100,453.

Jonathan Tasini, got 23,608 votes in Manhattan. Compare that to Spitzer’s opponent, Tom Suozzi, who got 14,503.

The real Manhattan battle during the primary was in the Attorney General’s race. Andrew Cuomo, who I reported was focusing his resources on Mark Green’s home turf in Manhattan, edged out Green 55,284 to 48,292. Sean Patrick Maloney picked up 13,896.

Other notable vote-getters in that race: Bill Clinton (1), Charlie King (3,748), Denise O’Donnell (1) and Joe Lieberman (1).

— Azi Paybarah New York County