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The rally at City Hall to announce Malcolm Smith will be the state Senate’s next minority leader just ended and at last, we have a pronouncement of sorts from Smith on same-sex marriage, a topic many Democrats are hoping to raise in earnest during a Spitzer administration.

Smith’s position amounts to this: Give me some time to figure out where I stand.

At this point here, when I look at my watch, I haven’t even been leader for five minutes. So you at least have to give me the opportunity to talk to my colleagues and find out they feel about that…all I’d like to do now is be able to talk to my colleagues, so I make sure we are all on the same page in terms of what that decision will be.

After Malcolm dodged the question a few more times from the handful of reporters there, Rep. Charlie Rangel raised his hand and said that he supported same-sex marriage. Rep. Joe Crowley, the Queens County Democratic Leader, agreed. And so did David Paterson, the leader Malcolm is succeeding.

Smith, smiling, left it at that.

— Azi Paybarah

Not Yet