Nothing Personal, He Says

In an interview yesterday with HOY, John Spencer rejected the notion in a recent Robert Novak column that the national GOP has completely abandoned his campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Spencer said he, personally wasn’t dumped: the party is actually giving up on all of New York.

“I’m the Republican endorsed candidate in New York State. I think the Republican Party in NYS is going through a difficult transition with governor Pataki leaving. There is a little discombobulation if you will in the state party. But I’ve earned the Republican and the Conservative designation and — The National Republican Party — is not a judgment on me; it’s a judgment on New York State. They’ve given up on New York State, you know, they say it’s too liberal. I respectfully disagree with them.”

I’m not sure if this part of the interview will get left on the editing floor at HOY, but either way, it’ll be worth a read when it comes out.

— Azi Paybarah

Nothing Personal, He Says