November Madness

If Fantasy Congress is too legislative-heavy for your taste, there’s the more March Madness-like game of Campaign Guru circulating its way around a small group of folks following races nationwide.

Compiled by George Fontas, a former aide to Councilman David Weprin, Campaign Guru offers a quick snapshot of various house races and the candidates. It was conceived of more out of sense of sport than propaganda, so it offers shows what really political-sports hounds consider the races to watch. Only one is in New York (Reynolds v. Davis). The other New York races considered to be in play are on the questionnaire, but only as bonus points.

The format can be downloaded over here.

Fontas is offering the winner $30 gift certificate to J&R. This site will offer bragging rights and a lifetime of notoriety.

Good luck.

— Azi Paybarah November Madness