Public Meeting for Piers


The New York City Economic Development Corporation will hold a scoping meeting tonight at the Long Island College Hospital at 6 p.m. for the planned development on Piers 7 through 12 on the Carroll Gardens and Red Hook waterfront. The E.D.C. has some grand plans for the development–from parks to housing and waterfront access.

Critics of the plan point out that it doesn’t provide any additional housing in Red Hook–instead it will generate more traffic, which is a bone of contention that Red Hookers have been pleading to the city about for months. (Readers of this blog will rememember our coverage of a Fairway-related traffic fatality earlier this year and the D.O.T.’s seeming complacency.)

It’s a guaranteed packed house; emotions are sure to run high! Turn off that damn TV and show up. It’s better than Lost!

-Matthew Grace

Public Meeting for Piers