Quitting Time at Google HQ

The fourth floor lobby.

Since it seems half of New York was off today and it was, admittedly, a little quiet, flooding the Google zone seemed in order.

On their first day in the new digs, Googleites said they were delighted with their newfound space.

“I like the feeling that everyone is on the same floor,” said Bryan, a first-year member of the search team. “In the old building, we used elevators to get around. Now it’s spread laterally.”

More impessions, pics and a few grumbles, after the jump.

Google has space on two floors at 111 Eighth Avenue: the entire fourth floor and portions of the sixth floor. The company’s cafeteria will eventually move to the eighth floor, but construction isn’t complete yet and there’s no finalized date for it, either.

The fourth-floor is so big that portions of it are color coded (by Google’s colors) and marked by signs of city landmarks (“Wall Street” is on the south-end of the floor) as workers made their way around on the first day.

Although all workers were grateful for the new space, some grumbled that the fourth-floor views didn’t compare to the views they had at their old headquarters in Times Square (which went as high as the twenty-first floor).

“The view isn’t as cool as the old one,” said David Blackman, a 21-year-old software developer. “All we can see is this morass of midtown and flat rooves.”

More pics of the office below.

Free cookies.

The not-so-updatd magazine rack in the lobby.

Fourth-floor offices.

More office space.

A sign outside a conference room. Not sure what to make of this.

– John Koblin

Quitting Time at Google HQ