On Room 8, Yoda beat me to the punch in writing about how a statewide elected official – like a comptroller for example – is replaced if he steps down in mid-term.

Here, with an assist from election law expert Martin Connor, is the deal:

Replacement candidates are selected by the both houses of the state legislature, where Democrats currently have enough votes to pick who they want. (That would make for some interesting negotiations between the Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Eliot Spitzer.)

The leading candidate in the rumor mill to replace Alan Hevesi, should a scenario ever come to pass that would force him out of office, is city comptroller Bill Thompson. (His office hasn’t returned calls on this since yesterday.)

The legislature has already picked statewide officials before: when H. Carl McCall was elected to finish state comptroller Edward Regan’s term in 1993; and when Oliver Koppell was elected to fill the remainder of Attorney General Robert Abrams’s term in 1994.

— Azi Paybarah Replacements