Road Rage

There’s been no shortage of told-you-so criticism in recent days for Ned Lamont’s Senate campaign, which, conventional wisdom now has it, has failed to define the candidate since his primary victory as anything other than a liberal insurgent backed by the blogosphere.

Commentators have seemed particularly put off by Lamont’s television advertising. He never looked straight into the camera, they say, or told the general electorate who he was and what he was going to do.

Lamont himself doesn’t entirely disagree. He admitted to me over the weekend that it might have benefited him to “get out there more,” with messages that said, “This is Ned Lamont, this is who he is, this is what’s it’s about.”

Well, the Lamont campaign just released another ad today, and it doesn’t exactly do much in the way of defining Lamont. It does, however, suggest that Joe Lieberman is completely insane, portraying him crashing a black sedan, repeatedly, into a brick wall.

— Jason Horowitz

Road Rage