Rodeo Bar Boot-Scootin' Into Retail

Get your own kitsch in the gift shop.

Boasting the city’s “LONGEST RUNNING HONKY TONK” and “WORLD FAMOUS MARGARITAS” just wasn’t enough for ambitious Rodeo Bar owner Mitch Pollak.

The tex-mex tavern honcho is now expanding his bison-burger-and-live-country-music venue into adjacent retail space, formerly occupied by Lex Vacuum, and opening a new boutique.

“COMING SOON: BOOT LIQUOR,” according to a sign posted on the presently empty storefront. “Rock ‘N’ Roll and Western Wares/New and vintage western clothing/Biker Gear/Boots/Belt Buckles/Leather Goods…and more.”

Bar manager Lillie Haws says the store at 379 3rd Avenue will also host book signings, cowboy fashion shows, and other events.

Look for the boot shop to open around mid-December–“maybe sooner,” Haws says–and stay open late, American Apparel-style, on Thursday through Saturday nights.

But don’t be fooled by the store’s boozy title. Nightshoppers browsing for actual liquor, not leather, will still have to visit the bar.

– Chris Shott

Rodeo Bar Boot-Scootin' Into Retail