Scandal Smells Like Money

Whether Jeanine Pirro’s press binge helps or hurts her with voters, her campaign wants it to be known that the “scandal” has, at least, kept the money rolling in for her deeply weird campaign against Andrew Cuomo.

“Since the scandal broke she has raised $500,000 — it doesn’t seem to have made a difference,” said Pirro spokesman John Gallagher, who estimated that as much as $300,000 came in at last night’s Manhattan fund-raiser alone. “I think people responded and rallied around Jeanine because they think she is being unfairly attacked.”

And what about the fact that Rudy Giuliani bailed out of the fund-raiser, replaced by a satellite appearance by the governor?

“The governor stepped in for her,” said Gallagher. “I’m not going to comment on people who were not there.”

–Jason Horowitz

Scandal Smells Like Money