Silver Misses Moynihan Vote

The representative for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on the Public Authorities Control Board never showed at today’s emergency meeting. Without him (or her–we’re searching for a name here, and Senate spokesman Mark Hansen told us, “We’re not sure who he was planning on not sending to the meeting” ), there was no quorum and no vote could be taken.

Pataki budget office spokesman Scott Reif writes in: “This is a vitally important transportation project for hundreds of thousands of commuters who come into and out of New York City every day, and it will spur meaningful economic development throughout the City. We’re perplexed as to why the Assembly representative failed to show up. However, the Moynihan Station project will be on the agenda at next week’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Public Authorities Control Board.”

Matthew Schuerman Silver Misses Moynihan Vote