Smith Explains Himself


Malcolm Smith was at last night’s annual fundraiser for the Empire State Pride Agenda, where I photographed him with former New York Blade editor Steve Weinstein (l) and Sen. Tom Duane (r). Smith said told me last night that supports gay marriage, and added, “I always have.”

That’s a little different from what he said earlier in the day.

When I asked him about an old Queens Chronicle cover story in which said that he wouldn’t state his position on gay marriage, Smith said that the story was written when he was on vacation.

Going by the piecemeal evidence that we have, then, Smith’s evolution on the issue coincides with the speech Eliot Spitzer gave last night in which he told the state’s largest gay lobby that he fully supports gay marriage.

Looks like Smith will be the kind of minority leader Spitzer can do business with.

— Azi Paybarah

Smith Explains Himself