Spitzer Revokes Hevesi Endorsement

Eliot Spitzer just revoked his endorsement of Alan Hevesi.

“Recent developments in the Comptroller’s race are deeply troubling,” said Spitzer in a statement. “The outcome of the Ethics Commission investigation presents information that compromises Alan Hevesi’s ability to fulfill his responsibilities.”

“J. Christopher Callaghan’s experience and substantive positions lead me to believe he is not qualified to be Comptroller. Therefore, I can no longer support either candidate in the state Comptroller’s race. I am confident that State Senate proceedings will carefully evaluate the facts and recommend appropriate action. In the event that Mr. Hevesi is removed from office through such a proceeding, it is the obligation of state leaders to act in a bipartisan manner to find a highly-qualified replacement.”

UPDATE: Here’s Alan Hevesi’s response:

“I have a great deal of respect for Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and believe he will make an excellent governor and will implement essential reforms. I also believe that 5 million voters should choose the next State Comptroller on November 7th.”

–Jason Horowitz

Spitzer Revokes Hevesi Endorsement