Split-Screen Supporters

Here’s Vito Fossella’s latest television ad, making neat use of split-screen technology. In portion, there’s an African-American man wearing an easy-to-read NYPD hat, looking straight into the camera. In another, there’s a shot of Fossella walking with Mike Bloomberg.

On Saturday, remember, Congressional Quarterly had mixed news for Fossella.

“Conservative-leaning Staten Island and the lack of financial resources for Democratic lawyer Steve Harrison makes Fossella a solid favorite for a fifth term. But Fossella’s own strategy, including a heavily negative campaign, suggests that New York City’s only House Republican doesn’t feel totally safe.”

In contrast with the happy split-screen, this ad may or may not be part of that “heavily negative campaign,” but my guess is that anybody who speaks Russian will think so.

— Azi Paybarah

Split-Screen Supporters