Logrolling in our time

From time to time, we like to offer some news of the latest beyond-VSL activities by members of the VSL team.

First, the design firm Number 17, which not only created our look but helped dream up Very Short List in the first place, has designed some new TV program logos and typographical “opens” — for the new season of Saturday Night Live and the new sitcom 30 Rock.

And another of our founders, Kurt Andersen, has a book coming out (10/25). Created with Graydon Carter and George Kalogerakis, Spy: The Funny Years chronicles the satirical monthly that Kurt and Graydon founded (with George as one of their first editors) twenty years (!) ago.

The book offers a brisk, witty, candid history of the notorious and influential magazine — inside baseball about a band of independent-minded, mischief-making journalists — but the oversized volume functions primarily as a coffee-table book. So you can sample Spy artifacts (threatening letters from Donald Trump, for instance) and its giddy, dense, visually inventive, often very unkind takes on ’80s/’90s schmucks and evildoers.

Because we can, a sneak preview:

“>VIEW sample pages from Spy: The Funny Years

“>BUY Spy: The Funny Years (Miramax Books; 304 pages)

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Logrolling in our time