Stars Aligned for Happy Thoughts

Quirky, failed Manhattan Assembly candidate Esther Yang has a message to supporters: Think happy thoughts because the stars are aligned.

No, seriously. Here’s an email a reader passed on from Yang:

—–Forwarded Message—–
Sent: Oct 17, 2006 7:31 AM
Subject: FYI

Dearest friends and family:

Believe it or not …..

On Tuesday Oct 17 about 10 AM to Wednesday Oct 18
1 PM (17 hours)

There will be a shift in our planets and it is requested that all of us think ONLY the very best during these 17 hours because our thoughts (be it positive or negative) will be multiplied a million times over.

Wherever you are from Tuesday 10/17 10 AM – Weds 10/18 1 PM

May I suggest that we meditate/positive thoughts on:

* World Peace

* Courage, faith and goodness inactions for our leaders in this country and around the world.

* Equal Justice, Impartiality, in every state and every country

* Kind Words and Kind Acts to everyone especially to our children (our future leaders)

* May the Universe offer its blessing to each and every one of us in good health, success and abundance till our cups runneth over.

Namaste – Many blessings,

Esther Yang
917 ###-####

I emailed Yang, who said she learned this astrological info from her grandmother. (And as we no know, grandmothers’ tales are usually indisputable).

Yang told me:

“The challenge is and always has been – how to be content in the midst of chaos and what if … You were minding your own business and people just step on your toes because they can.

Anyway these 17th hours – won’t come to us again till 2013.”


— Azi Paybarah

Stars Aligned for Happy Thoughts