Sunday Notes: Endorsements, Debate

The New York Times enthusiastically endorses Eliot Spitzer for governor, begrudgingly endorses Andrew Cuomo for attorney general, and backs Dave Mejias and John Hall for congress.

Ben notes Vito Fossella’s re-election race gets more interesting.

In the comptroller’s race, The Poughkeepsie Journal endorses challenger Chris Callaghan, and writes:

“In light of all the scandals and ethical lapses in our political systems, voters should give Callaghan a chance to serve, even though Hevesi is the more qualified candidate.”

As for Hillary’s debate this morning with John Spencer: a surprising note. John Spencer said he thought Hillary would be a “tremendous” candidate for president. He won’t vote for her, but tremendous.

The Observer’s Choire Sicha went down to watch the debate live and emails to say:

“At the ABC studios on 67th and Columbus, Bill came to pick Hillary after work. aww! They went down the line of supporters together, then hopped in the waiting van and headed south past Lincoln Center.”

— Azi Paybarah

Sunday Notes: Endorsements, Debate