The Hevesi Report

This may not be as exciting as the 186-page indictment of labor leader Brian McLaughlin, but the Ethics Commission report on Alan Hevesi’s chauffeur scandal is worth a read.

From the report’s conclusion:

“Given the clear directive in the Advisory Opinion, Mr. Hevesi was not entitled to substitute his judgment, or that of his staff, for the judgment of independent security personnel. Moreover, Mr. Hevesi’s security claim appears pretextual. Mrs. Hevesi had very real health issues; she did not face any appreciable security risks. Acquafredda had no security background or training and had no significant communication with those assigned to provide security at the OSC. He was simply a driver and companion for Mrs. Hevesi.


There is no question that Mrs. Hevesi suffers from debilitating illnesses, and that those closest to her have genuine concerns for her welfare. But State employees may not use public resources to care for their loved ones. Surely, the State’s Comptroller may not do so.

There’s more on the report here, here and here.

All of which will only add to the speculation about who might replace Hevesi.

— Azi Paybarah

The Hevesi Report