The Morning Read: October 17, 2006

The Times notes that Hillary Clinton’s has carefully skirted the presidential battleground states of Iowa and New Hampshire in the course of her travels, and reports on her prediction that many Republicans will be voting for Democrats this year.

Some of John Spencer’s donors gave in excess of the $2,100 contribution limit. The campaign may have enough money for a modest media buy.

Brian McLaughlin, the former labor leader, is expected to surrender on federal corruption charges today.

Eliot Spitzer said the city should pay about $1 billion to fund the CFE decision, and that reauthorizing mayoral control of schools could be a negotiating tactic. He also said that “the city is technically a subservient political entity to the state, and the state could just mandate that the city’s contribution be X.”

Joe Bruno said the state Republican Party was hurt because George Pataki has been in “exit mode” for more than a year.

Jeanine Pirro cut into Andrew Cuomo’s lead, and said she hasn’t read the New York Magazine cover story about her marriage to Al Pirro.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Bloomberg are not only twins but, apparently, best friends.

And Quinnipiac has a poll today showing Democrat Sherrod Brown with a 12-point lead over Mike DeWine in the Ohio Senate race.

— Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: October 17, 2006