The Morning Read: October 19, 2006

Republicans everywhere are on the defensive about Iraq, a development that is bound to have a big impact on the GOP incumbents fighting for survival here in New York.

Eliot Spitzer and John Faso favor very, very different approaches to tax policy.

Alan Hevesi leads his opponent, and continues to duck him. The Post editors want the Albany DA investing Hevesi to hurry up.

Brian McLaughlin’s wife and two lady friends think the former labor leader is innocent. Some of McLaughlin’s constituents don’t.

Jeanine Pirro threatened a Republican for supporting a Democrat.

Tonight’s Alfred E. Smith Dinner at the Waldorf creates a seating nightmare for party planners.

Mike Bloomberg said the city has already paid its fair share of the CFE school funding decision, which is a different position than Eliot Spitzer has taken.

Tom Reynolds is optimistic about his own re-election and Republican’s chances of keeping the House.

John Sweeney asked congress how he should report his 2001 trip a Pacific island paid for by a lobbyist working for Jack Abramoff.

Sue Kelly doesn’t plan on attending many debates with her opponent.

John Maine is a hero, just as our John Koblin said he would be.

And the AP Daybook has a majestic typo:

10:30 a.m.

City Council Speaker Christine Queen and Irish leaders calling for finalizing Northern Ireland peace process; steps of City Hall.

— Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: October 19, 2006